CC's club

Our server is MAINLY English. No racism; offensive language will result in punishment. Songs with slurs are not allowed; one warning for inappropriate songs, then a ban.

#2: No team sabotage; closing doors on teammates may result in punishment. Exceptions for D-Class and Scientist. 079 closing doors or using tesla gates on teammates is bannable.

#3: No mic spamming or earraping. Music allowed only in proximity chat (1-5 seconds).

#4: No hacking/exploiting. Immediate ban for hackers. Exploits not allowed, except double jumping in certain situations.

#5: No begging admins; mute likely. Exceptions for jokes or events.

#6: Camping not allowed if it delays the round. No camping nuke or turning it off constantly.

#7: No teaming, except for scientist and D-Class until escape. SCPs can team with CI only.

#8: Killing cuffed people not allowed; only cuffer can kill. Exception if cuffed person isn't cooperating or last person alive.

#9: No evading bans; using alt accounts results in permanent ban. Ban appeal possible.

#10: No impersonation; warnings and punishment for using mods/owner's name tag.

#11: English server; use English in spectator, radio, or other channels.

#12: No loopholes around rules; ask staff for clarification. Use common sense.

#13: Don't abuse the report system; false reports may lead to punishment.

#14: KOS not allowed unless subject is armed, stalling, or not listening.