Discord Server: https://discord.gg/GvbjjrJXB4
Welcome to Goober Paradise! Here our main focus as a server and community is fun!!!
- Goober Paradise is a community server for SCP:SL that focuses on just trying to be a fun time.
- We Have Plugins!
-Events will be held every few rounds when an admin or I'm in the server

Server Features:
-Nuke start time is 120 seconds rather than the default 90
-Items can be held when upgrading in 914
-Less Stamina is used in running and will regen 3x Faster
-Intercom has a 70 second cooldown timer and can be used for up to a minute
-You can be afk for up to 2 minutes before being auto-kicked
-Friendly Fire Automatically enables upon round end
-SCP 096 Viewing notification
-Pink Candy!!
-SCPS can press their noclip key(default is ALT) to use Proximity Chat

-Plugins So Far are: AdminTools, AudioPlayer, AutoFFToggle, BetterCoinflips, BetterRestartingSystem, BetterTesla, CandyWeight, DoctorBuff, DoorRestartSystem, HitMarkers, HorrorSounds, ImageApi, MapEditorReborn, RemoteKeycard, RespawnTimer, RoundMVP, Scp294, SCP650Plugin, SCPCosmetics, SCPChatExtension, ScpSwap, SCPTeamsStats, UncomplicatedCustomRoles


1. Hacking, DDOS, intentionally exploiting will result in a permanent ban.

2. MTF and Facility Guards cannot KOS (Kill.On.Sight) any D-Class. You may only do so if they are visibly armed with a gun, microHID, railgun, grenade, SCP-018, or SCP-2176. You may also eliminate them if they do not comply with orders. (I.E. fleeing, attempting to alert an SCP to your location, refusing to drop an item to allow detainment)

3. Harassing server members is not allowed. Jokes and banter from time to time are ok as long as its kept mature.

4. Offensive and Inappropriate behavior is not allowed. This includes the gamer word and praising the funny man with the short mustache.

5. You are not allowed to hold up the round. This includes refusing to escape as D-Class or Scientist, camping a location for an extensive period of time, turning off the alpha warhead when your team has activated it, refusing to kill the last target/win condition.

6. You are not allowed to spawncamp surface as any team for any reason. You are not allowed to camp the exit gate as any class. You are not allowed to camp the alpha warhead unless you are defending it during countdown. You are allowed to defend exit gate if there is someone in your line of sight.

7. Disrespect of staff is not allowed. Admins reserve the right to punish you as they see fit.

8. Teaming/Friendlies between any classes is allowed to an extent, as long as it does not hold up the round, and is not used for harassment/team sabotage.

9. Music/Soundboards are allowed, but you must turn it off if an Admin finds it offensive or disruptive.

10. Team sabotage is not allowed. This includes closing doors on teammates, deactivating generators as a human class, SCP Suicide

12. Blocking, Muting, or Disconnecting after an admin has addressed you for a rule violating is considered evasion. Evasion is a permanent ban

13. Server members are not allowed to beg for items, staff rank, etc.

14. Anyone caught using a loophole will be permanently banned


Admins are not allowed to interfere with vanilla gameplay in anyway, give players items or information outside of event rounds, harass server members, or give anyone special treatment.
To put it simply, staff is allowed to observe and goof off through the tutorial role if they wish, but if they interfere with normal gameplay via killing players, handing items out, helping in any way other than teaching things such as game mechanics, etc, this will count as admin abuse and should be reported in the Discord reports channel.

And Now We ask of you, the player, to help us with this. There is only so many people operating this server, and we can't always be here to enforce the rules, so please do your part so the server can be fun for everyone! Please report any sort of admin abuse to the Head Admin on discord.