Dr. Bright's Facility

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Below is a brief explanation of the core gameplay changing plugins in the server. For a more detailed explanation or name of any plugin, see the #plugins-list chat in the Discord.


- MTF do not trigger tesla gates.
- There is a chance Serpent's Hand will spawn instead of Chaos Insurgency. This is a force that helps SCPs eliminate all other targets. Due to this, Chaos Insurgency does not win with SCPs.
- Serpent’s Hand has a chance to replace MTF spawn.
- SCP-914 will upgrade items in your hand, you don't need to drop them.
- All D-Class will be given a coin that can be used in SCP-914 on Fine for a chance to get a more useful item.
Pro079 provides SCP-079 with extra abilities. For more information type .079 in the console to see the full list of commands.
- If there are no SCPs left except SCP-079, he will be turned into a random SCP and given half health to prevent rounds from lasting too long.
- This server has revised win conditions.
- Be careful what you pick up, you never know what item might be SCP-035 in disguise.
- Keep a flashlight on hand, you never know when SCP-575 will plunge the facility into darkness.
- Every MTF spawn wave has a chance to contain a Chaos Insurgency Spy (CISpy). This spy is tasked with staying undercover and trying to kill as many MTF as possible.
- SCP-106 has the ability to stalk random players, keep an eye below you for his portal.
By using .vent in the console, SCP-173 can turn invisible for a few seconds and can travel through doors and teslas silently.
SCP-939 is faster than humans. No escape this time.
SCP-939 has a rage mechanic. The more damage he takes, the more damage he deals.
SCP-966 is an invisible zombie which can only be seen by flashlights. He will be revealed if he is the last SCP standing.
- The nuke will automatically go off after every 15 minutes, this cannot be turned off so be careful.
- Friendly fire enables at the end of the round.
- You can view your stats and your positions on the Leaderboards displayed in the discord server's clickable link above.
- The server automatically restarts itself at 05:00 EST every day.



1. No racism, bigotry, hate-speech, including (but not limited to) slurs or derogatory terms that incite hate against any specific group. Attempts to circumvent this rule will be treated equally severe. This includes steam usernames and/or music that include slurs.
Everyone is subject to rule 1 regardless of their association with LGBTQ or race. Any attempt to instigate another party to break this rule will still be punished just as severe.
2. No mic-spam is allowed in spectator chat, the radio, scp chat and the intercom. Music is passable over the intercom and while alive as long as it isn’t too loud, and the lyrics do not incite hate.
-Mic-spam may include but is not limited to: Excessive playing of audio clips on a SoundBoard, lengthy music clips, and random loud noises (i.e. Continuously making noises, talking close into a microphone, screaming without reason, etc.) that can be classified as earrape.
3. Harassment of any form is not allowed. It does not matter whether it is age, race, or gender; there is a fine line between poking for fun and harassing someone.
4. Staff members reserve the right to punish players for general harassment or annoyance even if you’re not breaking a specific rule. Do not try loop holing any of these rules.
5. Do not camp the nuke room silo.
6. Do not suicide to avoid playing as a class.
7. Teaming with a user from another team is generally allowed, so long as it doesn’t stall the round.
8. You are not permitted to intentionally grief other players on your team. Examples that are considered griefing include: closing doors when not running from an active threat, and activating the tesla gate on SCP teammates as SCP-079.
9. Do not abuse any exploits to lag the server, glitch into bugged spots of the map, or gain some other unfair advantage over others.
10. No advertising of any form, this includes but not limited to: usernames, in-game voice, etc.