Welcome to Vibe Town


Our Rules:

This server uses, what is known as, Jester's privilege. Meaning all rules can be broken as long as it is comedic to both parties of the act.

1. Use common sense.
1A. For example, "Oh, I didn't know about _____" will NOT lessen your punishment or get you out of your punishment.
2. No racist/derogatory remarks.
3. No mic-spam or earrape.
3A. Soundboards are permitted as long as they are NOT used in the Spectator's channel.
4. No cheating/hacking/glitch abuse.
5. No guards nor NTF are to kill-on-sight (KOS) D-Class.
5A. Rather than attempting to kill the D-Class immediately, attempt to detain them. If such D-Class resists arrest, you are allowed to open fire.
5B. Once a D-Class is detained, they are not allowed to be killed by any guard, NTF, or armed scientist.
6. Teaming is NOT allowed UNLESS you are CHAOS INSURGENCY
7. Staff have the final say.
7A. Be respectful, as arguing with staff about disciplinary action taken will NOT remove your punishment.

Please report all suspicious activity in the Discord posted above