Discord invite: https://discord.gg/gqGDnaqEDp

1. No exploiting/cheating.
2. No discrimination against anyone's beliefs.
3. No racism (slurs are allowed in joke context)
4. You are not allowed to KOS Class-D/Scientists (yes this includes you MTF and Chaos) unless they are holding a gun, disobeying orders, and/or attempting to flee.
5. Teaming is allowed but you may not delay the round end by doing so.
6. Mic-spamming is allowed except if you are spamming on the Intercom, Pre-round lobby chat, Radio, or SCP Chat (if you are an SCP).
7. Report rule-breakers on the discord.
8. Moderator's decision is final, if you have an issue with a moderator abusing their power or overstepping their bounds, please contact me at SpecificOcean#8515 (you have to join the discord server to be able to DM me)
9. "Toxicity" is allowed and is not a valid reason to report someone.
10. Anything else I say.
11. These rules are NOT final and are subject to change at my discretion.