Welcome to Dr. Bright's Facility!
--- RULES ---
1.SCP SL Rules (No Hacking, Cheating,)
2.No Hate Speech (Racial Slurs Etc.)
3. Soundboards Allowed, Just Don't Spam Them.
4. NO TK & KOS:
5. Do Not Disrespect Staff

---- Attention ----
We realise we have gotten a bad rep for overusing admin, but we have turned over a new leaf, and will be not interrupting regular rounds, just please don't leave when you see an admin or me (the owner)

Discord is not Dedicated to This Server, But Will Be Used For The Server. Invite Link is Here: https://discord.gg/DPrRCH8eSS https://discord.gg/DPrRCH8eSS ( C L I C K A B L E )