<align="center"><size=27>Cryptic SCP Rules

<size=17> Check out our Discord to see when players are online!
<size=10>DO NOT:

1) Disrespect Staff. If you have a problem with one of our staff members, whether it's because of an unfair punishment or because you believe they are breaking a rule, please use our staff report ticket in #get-help in our Discord server.

2) Be Toxic. Toxic behavior will not be overlooked.

3) Impersonate Staff. Attempting to impersonate staff can and will lead to punishment.

4) Misuse the Report System. Sending false or troll reports will lead to punishment.

5) Attempt or Threaten to Cheat, Dox, DDos, or Exploit. Threatening or Attempting to do any of these will result in an instant, permanent ban.

6) Reveal Hidden Staff. If a Staff members role is hidden it is hidden for a reason do not reveal they're Staff.

7) Attempt to Loophole any Rules. Any attempt to do so will result in punishment.

8) Attempt to Teamkill. This includes closing doors/elevators on teammates near SCPs and killing teammates with rough in 914. Cuffed D-class and Scientists are considered your team.

9) Kill Cuffed D-class or Scientists. The only time you are allowed to do so is if said person is uncooperative, consents to being killed, or are confirmed to be the last one alive by Staff.

10) Spawncamp or Spawnkill. If you see a MTF/Chaos wave spawning you are expected to either run away or give the spawning team 5 seconds to realize that they have spawned.

11) Stall the round. This includes camping on Surface and camping in a locked room when you are the last one alive.

12) Go to Areas Unreachable by SCP'S. Going to any areas where a SCP cannot reach you when they are supposed to be able to is not allowed. Examples of this being on top of candy room door or on top of the magnets in 106's room.

13) Ghost. In other words using third-party software like Discord to talk to other players.

14) Role Evade. Killing yourself or leaving the game and rejoining to avoid playing as your role will result in punishment.

15) Micspam, Play Music, Use Soundboards, or Use Voice Changers in Pre-round, Spectator Chat, SCP Chat, Radio, or Intercom. Doing any of these in any of said places will result in punishment.

16) Use in Game Sounds on a Soundboard. Any in game sounds whether its a 096 rage or a micro charge are not allowed.

17) Say Slurs. Saying any slurs will result in immediate punishment

18) Slurbait. Any slurbaiting will result in immediate punishment

19) Talk About Sexual Activity, Homophobia, or Racist Acts. Talking about any of these to ANY extent will be punished. Usernames are not exempt from this rule.

20) Talk in Languages Other than English. In order for our Staff members to sufficiently moderate, please keep conversations in English.

<size=10>Teaming Rules

1) D-Class may team with Chaos Insurgency, MTF/Facility Guards, and Scientists. D-Class cannot team with SCPs**.

2) Scientists may team with MTF/Facility Guards, Chaos Insurgency, and D-Class. Scientists cannot team with SCPs**.

3) MTF/Facility Guards may team with Scientists and D-Class. MTF/Facility Guards cannot team with Chaos Insurgency and SCPs.

4) Chaos Insurgency may team with D-Class, Scientists, and SCPs*. Chaos Insurgency cannot team with MTF/Facility Guards.

5) SCPs may team with Chaos Insurgency*. SCPs cannot team with MTF/Facility Guards, Scientists**, and D-Class**.

*Chaos Insurgency are allowed to team with SCPs UNLESS there is a D-class that is getting attacked by SCPs.
**SCPs may decide to spare scientist or D-class but cannot team with them.

<size=10>You May:

1) KOS. Killing anyone on any team as soon as you see them as long as they aren't cuffed is allowed.

2) Kill Cuffed MTF/Facility Guards or Chaos Insurgency. The cuffed rule does not apply to them.

3) Camp Anywhere That isn't Surface Zone. As long as you aren't the last person alive, you may camp.

4) Micspam, Play Music, Use Soundboards, or Use Voice Changers in any Local chat and in Post-round. Local chats include any human local chat, 939 local chat, and 079 megaphones.

5) Close Doors on your Teammates. As long as SCPs are not near you are allowed to close doors on your teammates.