SCP: Connexion✌️


Rule 1: Mic Spamming in prox and intercom ONLY!!!

Rule 2: No KoS or teamkilling

2.1: KoS is only allowed between foundation/chaos, unless they surrender without any guns out. Surrendee's can be slaughtered if holding up the round. False surrendering isn't allowed, you may only be unsurrendered if separated for a long-ish time.

Rule 3: No harassment / hate speech >:(

Rule 4: Mods have final say regarding moderation, if you have any problems DM a role above them

Rule 5: Admin abuse is allowed on Mondays! The only rule is DON'T kill anyone, whether it be direct or indirect

5.1: If you die to anyone given an item by an admin, get gud

5.2: If you chose to admin abuse, you must NOT participate in the round

Rule 6: No spawn killing, wait about 10 seconds or until they are actively hunting you

Rule 7: Teaming is only allowed as long as it is beneficial to both teams. Once the reason for teaming is gone they must spread out and fight

Rule 8: NO GLITCH SPOTS!!!!!!!! >:(((((

If you have any questions, DM Blueify, Scout, or Clue

Plugins can be found on the Discord