Novum Horizon SCP:SL
Novum Horizon Discord: Click Here

1. No threats directed toward either the community or an individual.
2. Harassment directed toward anyone will not be tolerated.
3. Teaming
A. MTF are friendly with Scientists, may kill/detain D-Class, and are hostile towards every other class.
B. Chaos is friendly with D-Class, hostile towards MTF, and neutral towards SCP's
C. SCP's are Neutral with Chaos/D-Class, and hostile towards every other class.
4. You may not hide for extended periods of time.
5. Soundboards are allowed, but only at your microphones normal volume.
6. No microphone spamming. Not including soundboards.
7. No comments regarding Pedophilia or Molestation.
8. No racial slurs / offensive phrases.
9. No meta gaming.

Server Manager Contact:
Discord: ICon#0501
Email: [email protected]