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Server Rules:

Respect all admins and players alike. Extreme disrespect and harassment will not be tolerated.
No excessive spamming in voice chat.
The use of racial slurs will fall under the harassment rule, but ultimately is up to a staff member's discretion.
Do not evade or avoid punishment.
No hacking/scripting. This includes noclip, aimbot, wallhacks etc.
No ghosting.
No teamkilling.
No exploiting the map or game.
Delaying without the intent of winning the round is not allowed, but ultimately is up to a staff member's discretion.
DoSing the server or threatening to will result in a permanent ban.
Teaming with other classes is not allowed. The only exceptions to this rule are for SCPs with Chaos and Scientists with D-Class.
MTF/Chaos must be actively trying to kill or restrain and convert D-Class/Scientists to their faction respectively.
Camping in hard to reach spots is not allowed, but is ultimately up to a staff member's discretion.

Staff Rules:

Do not ban yourself or use your powers to punish other staff members. Report abuse of powers to the Owner or a Server Manager so they can handle it instead.
Do not use your powers to negatively interfere with gameplay or give yourself or other players an unfair advantage.
Do not teleport players unless they are stuck or are using it to question suspected rule breakers.
Do not play on an alternate account and say you're a staff member. If that account doesn't have staff powers on it, then don't say you are one.
Do not make up and enforce rules not listed in the rules for the server.
All reported incidents of abuse of powers will be looked into by the Owner and Server Managers. If an infraction is found on your part, expect to be brought into a discussion with the management about the situation and any punishments that may need to be handed out.

Discord Rules:

Respect all admins and players alike.
No spamming of any kind (voice or chat).
No advertising other servers, clans or websites.
No overly gory or sexual content.