Subarshi Studios SCP:SL Server

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Thanks for playing on Fire Eagle SCP:SL Server, Server Owned by Subarshi Studios
Server Location: Calgary AB, CA

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- Pocket Dimensions exits increased by 1
- Human Walk Speed increased to 1.5
- Sprinting speed increased to 1.57
- Added Anti ElevatorNading
- Adding Respawn Timer for Spectators
- Autoroles Are Added

If you don't like the changes or you want to add one, tell us on our Discord Server.

-SCP-682 (Unavaliable)
heals 5 hp every 5 seconds
receives 5 hp for every human it kills
no one shot

Just like other servers, we have a few rules

1. Treat everyone with respect.
Please don't engage in behaviour or post content that promotes hate speech, violence, bullying, harassment, threats, or racism.

2. Stay safe online.
Protect your privacy and the privacy of others. Don't share, collect or ask for personal information such as full names, ages, addresses, or account credentials.

3. If you're in our Discord Server, be sure to follow all guidelines and TOS at all times
this applies to Steam and SCP:SL

4. Don't be a Toxic mf
Some people have feelings, some don't while the rest, neutral so don't be a toxic mf

5. Cheaters will be banned permanently
If you wish to appeal, Join our Discord and use Modmail to appeal, don't just ping mods

6. Teamkilling will have you banned for 48 hours if you killed at least 6 people or dealt 500 DMG on your team
if teamkilling goes out of hand, The server has the right to disable it to prevent harm to player's experience.

7. Mic spamming or vc abuse is prohibited and might result in a ban or a mute (if possible)

8. Pls don’t team
Teaming with SCPs, MTF, CHAOS, or facility guards can harm a player’s experience which is prohibited. Class D and scientists are kinda harmless with each other / guards and MTFs so I’ll add that as an exception.

9. Have Fun
Enjoy the game, anything wrong, use modmail to contact


Rule 1-3 and 5 will result in a 5 day ban

Rule 4 and 6 will get you banned permanently

Need some help?
Join our discord Here.

If you’re reporting somebody of cheating, Do this in DMs which you also need to be in our official discord server to do so

=new <message>
to see confirmation, do =confirmation

remember, you need to have your DMs open


If you need help regarding updates, SCP Info, etc,

You can rely on the server’s help channel or you can just go to SCP:SL’s official discord server .