Rules List:

1. Teamkilling is NOT allowed under any circumstances! (D class can Kill D class)

2. Closing doors in the face of your teammates and getting them killed WILL be treated as teamkill!

3. Teaming is allowed as long as its for mutual gain or if the opposite team member is disarmed! (e.g. Scientist and D class against SCP)

4. Any hacking or cheating will result in a permanent ban from all servers by a global moderator and IP Ban!

5. Killing ANY disarmed players will be classed as teamkill (Excluding D-class shooting anyone disarmed)

6. Listen to every staff member! If they say something that is not on the server rule list, they are probably correct. If you have doubts or see abuse with staff contact senior staff on discord.

7. Racism and Phobic Behaviour WILL NOT be tolerated! You will be banned for 12 hours immediately!

8. Treat the Discord staff in game with respect! they may not be able to punish you but in-game staff will!

9. No advertising over the intercom without Head Admin+ permission!

10. Voice changers and music are allowed, provided they don't annoy anyone, the second they do, you are to stop, also DO NOT use them in the death/spectator chat or over radio!

11. Abuse towards staff is NOT Tolerated!

12. Exploiting Unreachable Areas is not allowed

13. Tranquilizing someone on your team when in a safe environment is allowed however tranquilizing someone on your team when they may die from such actions is teamkill. This does not apply to D class vs D class

14. Killing yourself as 049-2 is not allowed and if caught you will be respawned. It is game throwing.
15. If you have questions about a plugin ask a member of staff or visit our Discord for More information!

If an Event is in play please regard all of the above rules unless the Event Staff have said otherwise!
Our Discord is: .Check out Our Website for More Information: -