Hello, welcome to my server! My name is OverlordOfWar. I created this server in hopes of bringing friends together, and to help you guys meet new people to play with! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
General Rules - Joining the server means you are agreeing to all of the rules listed below
1) No voice spamming/yelling - Nobody wants a troll in the lobby!
4) Toxic behavior is NOT tolerated.
5) No voice changers
6) Be respectful, otherwise it will catch up to you.
7) Act like an adult - We don't have time for childish behavior.
8) Impersonating a staff member will result in a permanent ban from server.

We will never ask for private information or abuse any of our power here.
Be respectful to our staff!

We are finally done on the Discord server!
("Discord server" is now an instant link to the server)

- Teams can cooperate for survival until the reason for working together is gone.
- SCPs may show 'mercy' to Scientists or D-Class personnel.
- Scientists and D-Class may freely cross-team with each-other, but only against SCPs.
- Teaming with other classes outside of these guidelines will result in a warning or ban.
- Do not shoot handcuffed D-boys without a VALID reason (Example - They aren't following orders.)
- Surrendering D-Boys ALSO count with being handcuffed personnel.
- If you are a role that spawns with a gun, you may not intentionally go out of your way to surrender to the other team when there is no necessity to do so. In this situation, you may only surrender if you have no chance to fight or if the odds are incredibly against you to survive.

If you have any need to get into contact with me you can email me at [email protected]
Alternatively, you can join the Discord server, and get into contact with a staff member.
If you have any interest in joining the staffing team here, you can contact me via the information provided above.