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Welcome To [UK] Jay's Site


RERELEASED! 20/09/22 | Originally Named [UK] Pigeon's Empire |

Hello and thank you for joining Jay's Site, this is not just any SCP server, this is a funny one, well yea kinda funny, give me a chance! The server has alot of fun plugins in store for all of you that are a part of us. Also, we are a very fun community and would love to get to know you., not that I have many people yet! Also! I would love for you to come say hi in our Discord Server!


- No Homophobia/Transphobia, racism, e.t.c, if i haven't listed anything else, use your common sense.
- Bit obvious, don't cheat/exploit, not funny, noones laughing, just no.
- KOS is not allowed and never will be, unless if there is an ongoing event.
- Don't mic spam over intercom, spectator chat and SCP chat -> will result in a mute.
- Only report if necessary "I killed him when i told him not to" if i get a report like that then, jesus.
- No cross-teaming, no.

Scientist against D-Class -> Allowed

MTF against D-Class -> Not Allowed (PLEASE DO NOT SHOOT A CUFFED ENEMY)

Chaos against Scientist -> Not Allowed


- Waitandchillreborn - A lobby at the beginning of the round.

- SCPStats - A Fun plugin that allows you to do all sorts of stuff in our discord!

- LightControl - A simple Plugin to set default color for certain rooms and/or zones.

- Rainbowtags - A plugin that makes your badge rainbow! (In maintenance)

- Admintools - Just an essential plugin for the Remote Admin Console.

- CuffedTK - Prevents a cuffed D-Class from getting shot

More to come soon!