Welcome to Kadava's Calamity!!

A modded server hosted by Kadava and his community!

Server Discord

(Click me!)

Server Rules:
[1] Exploiting and Cheating will not be tolerated. Forms of this include but are not limited to:
a. Stream Sniping
b. Using third party methods of communication i.e. Discord
c. Reaching and abusing unintended locations in the level
d. Using emotes to clip into terrain or objects or otherwise abuse the game

[2] Do not Idle for too long, this includes locking yourself in rooms other targets cannot reach for prolonged periods of time.
a. Spawn Camping is included in this

[3] Team Sabotage is prohibited, this includes any methods of friendly fire/griefing such as:
a. Attacking fellow SCP's as 079 with Tesla
b. Continuously closing doors on team-mates
c. Disabling 079's generators as a human faction whilst
other members of your team are alive

[4] Do not Kill or Steal another players detainee (unless they're acting against given orders or the detainer has given you permission). KOS is otherwise allowed

[5] Hate speech, harassment or use of derogatory language, explicit sexual content (including discussion/roleplay), illegal acts, discussions of political topics or baiting other players to break server rules is forbidden.

[6] Soundboards are allowed in moderation. Please do not mic-spam or constantly play music.

[7] This is an English only server, please refrain from speaking in other languages.

[8] Advertising on this server is prohibited, this includes shilling your YouTube channel or Discord server.

[9] Impersonating members of staff or exposing hidden staff's tags is forbidden.

[10] XP Farming is not allowed, we do not want the server to stop playing the game to increase some virtual numbers.

To fast track the reporting process or further help our staff team, please message @ModMail in the discord server with whatever evidence you may have of the incident taking place (preferably video clips uploaded to YouTube).

If you wish to appeal a ban, please follow the procedure presented in the Discord Server!

Server Modifications:

Chaotic coinflipping (random effects on coin flips)
SCP-049 & 0492 Proximity chat (left alt to toggle)
Extra spectator information (respawn timer +more)
In depth round stats found at the Discord server
Scripted event rounds ran by Moderators
SCP Swap (swap with other SCP buddies!)
2 Second spawn protection
Auto nuke at 20 minutes
Keep effects on escape
Rare custom roles
XP & Level System
Remote Keycard

Alert for DNT users:
This server is in compliance of the Verified Server Rules, in doing this we do not track and store any data from any users with DNT enabled. With this setting enabled your stats/name will not be shown in the relevant systems and you will not be able to gain XP or levels. Additionally, all XP data will be irreversably wiped when DNT is enabled.

Currently there may be an issue with the DNT warning when joining the server. Press N to close the pop-up if it gets stuck!