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<size=30> Here are the rules: </font></size=30>
<size=20>GENERAL RULES:</font>

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1. No racism or discrimination of any kind. This includes slurs, homophobia, derogatory terms, etc.

2. Cheating/Exploiting is not permitted at all.

3. Be respectful of everyone in the server.

4. Impersonating other people is not allowed and will result in an immediate ban.

5. Earrape or micspam is prohibited. Excessive soundboard use will result in further punishment. Using soundboards is generally not allowed, especially in roleplay.

6. Keep arguments, including political, ideological, religious, or just fights in DMs. Most of us do not care about your beliefs/fights and would appreciate it if you keep it out of roleplay. The only exception is if your character calls for it, but keep it to a minimum.

7. Advertising in any way is heavily forbidden.

8. This server runs on a system of common sense and unwritten rules of etiquette. You can still be punished for obvious reasons that are not listed in these rules. Think before you act.


<< 1 >> Keep everything during roleplay realistic. No, you are not a toddler who can shoot a shotgun. And no, you didn't fight in the Napoleonic wars. Anything over-the-top should be permitted by staff.

<< 2 >> This server enforces fail RP. Anything that is unrealistic will fall under this rule. It also includes Fear RP, having a fear for your life. This means if you have guns drawn at you, you must comply, as you must have fear for being hurt.

<< 3 >> Following to rule 2, this server also enforces surrender rules. This means that if you are stuck in a room with 1-3 friendlies and are severely outnumbered, you MUST surrender. And no, fake surrender is not allowed. (To put it simply, you MUST surrender if you are outnumbered 3-1, and this only includes ARMED personnel.

<< 4 >> Don't Random Kill, or Team Kill. Random Kill is terminating innocent/unarmed d-class/hostages with no reason. Team kill is the terminating of people on your side, or people working with you.

<< 5 >> Using soundboards in or out of RP is prohibited, with the only exception that staff gave permission.

<< 6 >> Stay in character as long as possible. Notify others around you when you go out of character.

<< 7 >> Don't metagame, which means do not use information that your character should not know. This could range from out of character knowledge to stream sniping. To put it simple, if your character shouldn't know how to do something, don't roleplay it.

<< 8 >> Follow the orders of all superiors. Failure to do so will result in immediate punishment.

<< 9 >> Be respectful, and don't be a nuisance. This is a heavily enforced rule. This also includes arguing/fighting with other members mid-roleplay, to the point that it directly intervenes with others.

<< 10 >> Members of staff have final say in everything.

<< 11 >> By joining the server, you acknowledge that you WILL have to be patient. You will not always get the role/position that you want, and that is just how it is. Don't cause problems because of it.

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