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The Rules:

1) No mic spamming in SCP or spectator chat please, you can use a soundboard/sound pad if you want but may be asked to stop if we are filming YouTube or streaming due to copyright issues or if it deemed highly annoying by several people.
2) NO derogatory language at all (racism, homophobia and etc), do not say the N-word at all. And do not harass the staff or members of the server.
3) Please respect our admins and the decisions we made, they are there to help you have fun and feel safe. If an admin/mod is using the admin panel to their advantag, please feel free to DM either XTREME#0001 or Captain Fox#6969 on Discord.
4) We have 0 tolerance for cheats or exploits of any kind here, and we do not allow people to find "loopholes" in the rules. If something seems like it should be a rule, it probably is punishable if broken. You must use your common sense.

5) Please do not kill D-class/Scientists who are hand-cuffed as it sabotages your team's win.
6) Admins should not be using their power to give themself an advantage, and should not be seen interacting with people in the round or the round itself as a tutorial class, noclipping through the map. If you see this happening, please tell either on of the following:
Staff Advisor/Co-owner: SCP_SteinerTTV
Owner: Shrimpex
Hoster: XTREME

More Information here

</align=left>- Friendly Fire Is Off
- SCPs Can Talk To Humans
- Remote Keycard allows you to use keycard doors without the card in your hand
- Frequent Events
- In-Game Patron Tiers for our amazing donators!
- 914 Mode: DroppedAndHeld