The Science Team

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[1] Do not KOS (Kill On Sight) Unarmed, Surrendering, Complying, or Cuffed Class-D Personnel
- If You Tell Them To Kill Themselves On Purpose, It Is KOS
- If The D-Class Is Not Posing A Threat (Escaping, Resisting, Attacking, etc.) It Is KOS

[2] Do Not Use Racial Slurs On Our Server. It Will Be A Instant, Non Negotiable Ban.
- This Includes Playing Clips With Slurs In It
- This Also Includes N-Word Baiting (Saying Half Of The N-Word)

[3] No Team Griefing. This Includes:
- Closing Doors On People
- Risking Other People's Life

[4] No Stealing Other People's Items In 914.

[5] Micspam is allowed but brainrot is banned. If you are caught micspamming brainrot, you will be banned.

[6] Do not beg Staff for Roles, Items, Admin / Mod perms, etc.

[7] Do not Suicide or Leave and rejoin in order to prevent becoming or playing as a Class.

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