Site-22 Roleplay

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1. All players (Both those connected to the Discord server and those who aren't) are required to always follow Discord and Steam Terms of Service during gameplay.

2. Site 22 wishes to provide a positive experience free of hate to all users. Any instances of hatred or violence based on the victim or attacker's affiliation with various social, political, sexual, religious, or ideological groups/beliefs will result in immediate disciplinary action.

3. During roleplays or events, please remain cooperative with staff and follow instructions given. Failure to do so will extend the length of setup and degrade the quality of the roleplay/event.

4. Staff Members have the final say in all matters. Failure to abide to decisions made by Staff Members will result in disciplinary action. If you suspect a Staff Member has abused their power or made an unfair decision, please create a ticket to resolve the matter peacefully and maturely. Complaints and appeals issued though General Chat or Direct Messaging will be ignored by staff.

5. Site 22 is to remain a PG-friendly. Content and messages deemed to be explicit, violent, or inappropriate will be taken down immediately.

6. Refrain from using combative tones in voice/text and always try to maintain neutrality. Aggressive attitudes not only fuel conflict, but reduce Staff's willingness to handle the issue in general.

7. Practice common sense while using the SCP: SL and Discord Servers. If something is morally subjective but not explicitly against the rules, then expect to receive punishment for it.

8. Staff Members are allowed to lengthen or shorten the lengths of their bans, as long as it is at most a 1 day deviation from the set time. Major Incidents, such as those that violate Rules 2 or 5 cannot be changed.