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Make sure to join our Discord for any help you may need: https://discord.gg/pqgYG7a

!!Performance Issues may occur. Please be patient as we find a solution ASAP<color=#FF0000>!!</color>

Rules: </color>
- Cheating, Hacking, Exploiting, or Modifying the game in an unintended way is prohibited.</color>
- NSFW, Illegal, 18+ content is prohibited. (Not limited to sounds, links, talking in detail about an item or event.</color>
- Racism, Harassment, Discrimination, etc. are strictly prohibited. (It is perfectly allowed to bully Dream stans or TommyInnit fans)
- Teaming is allowed as long as it is kept to a minimum, doesn't slow the match down, target someone over and over, and doesn't lead to the death of a teammate, whether intended or not.
- Don't camp, it's annoying. Wating for a nearby SCP to come to you isn't camping.
- No mic spamming. Sounds are okay as long as they aren't too loud. If asked to stop, please stop or it may result in punishment.
- Don't advertise... literally no one cares about your stupid Twitch channel or your Anime Discord server.
- Just don't be an ass. If people have a problem with you, fix the issue and move on..
- Admin, Owner, and Moderators are in no way allowed to abuse or falsely punish a player without strong evidence. If you believe that any of the staff are abusing their role, please create a ticket in the Discord.

<b>Plugin List

Common Utilities
Custom Items
Doc Rework
Raibow Tags
Random Gamemode
Remote Keycards
Respawn Timer
SCP 008
SCP 035
SCP 198
SCP Stats <color=#FFFFFF>(with Discord bot)</color>
Serpents Hand
Stalky 106
Rescue Squad
VPN Shield <color=#FFFFFF>(Prevents ban bypass. Your IP is kept private by server hosting.)</color>
Suggestions? Create a ticket in our Discord server (linked at the top)