Band of Niffauws SCP: Secret Laboratory

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Teaming between different classes is prohibited. The following exceptions apply:
-Class Ds & Scientists
-MTF & Scientists
-Chaos & Class Ds
-SCPs & Chaos
[PENALTY - Warn/Kick]

Using Soundsboards/Micspam to on purpose annoy players will be punished, Soundsboards are allowed to an extent, IF a player asks you to stop using it then stop.
[PENALTY - Warning/Kick]

The manipulation of scripts or exploits in game to give an unfair advantage will under no circumstances be tolerated.
This must be dealt with by an Administrator or staff of higher rank.
[PENALTY - Permanent Ban]

Antisocial Behaviour:
Antisocial behaviour is defined as abuse that is used to cause distress to an individual.
Any excessive actions of abuse in game (as determined by staff) will not be tolerated.
[PENALTY - Warn/Kick]

Team Killing:
Purposeful killing of a player on the same team without a justifiable reason will not be tolerated.
Exceptions apply after a round has been completed or during staff hosted server events.
[PENALTY - Spectate/Kick/Ban]

Round Delaying:
Round delaying is defined as when players deliberately avoid their class objectives in order to extend the length of the current game.
Exceptions apply when the round delayer is not aware of their actions.
[PENALTY - Warn/Spectate]

Have fun!</b>