1 - It is forbidden to turn on a soundpad/soundboard in the lobby, dead chat, intercom, radio, scp chat.
2 - Discrimination based on religion, language, race, orientation and gender is prohibited. (as long as it's not excessive)
3 - It is forbidden to make abusive, misleading, useless complaints and calling an authorized person when there is an authorized person on the server.
4 - The other player should not be disturbed while joking. If the other player is disturbed, he/she has the right to video record it and complain.
5 - SpawnCamping is prohibited. Mass killing after the team arrives counts as SpawnCamping. Spawnkilling is Prohibited.
6 - It is forbidden to burp from the microphone, make strange sounds, or use microphone for nothing. (as long as it is not overdone)
7 - It is forbidden to use voice changing programs.
8 - Using cheats or exploiting bugs is strictly prohibited!
9 - Politics is prohibited. (as long as it is not overdone, you would only get muted)
10 - It is forbidden to shoot the detained D-class/Scientist/Chaos/Ntf/Guard.
11 - Severe swearing, insulting people in general, and swearing at individuals are prohibited. (As long as it is not heavy or excessive, if it bothers someone you would get muted.)
12 - It is forbidden to draw absurd pictures and emblems on the walls.
13 - Shouting reflexively and showing your reaction in the game is allowed without exaggeration. (using profanity in the same way as stated in article 11)
14 - In 914, it is forbidden to steal someone else's item while they are upgrading it.
15 - All behaviors/actions such as necrophilia (sexual harassment of a dead body) are prohibited!
16 - No authorized person is obliged to show you a record!
17 - If you are having a problem with an authorized person, you can contact the following people via discord. (aydnmsek00,muck1)
18 - The punishment you receive is left to the decision of the authorized person. If you have a complaint about the penalty you receive, you can reach the following people via discord. (aydnmsek00,muck1)
19 - If you complain about someone, you must have a screen recording, we cannot make an unrecorded complaint. You can use OBS, Shadow Play and SteelSeries GG as screen recording tools.
20 - It is forbidden to ask for roles or items from authorized persons and bother them unnecessarily.
21 - It is forbidden to arrest NTF or Chaos guard.

Email for contacting us: [email protected]