<color="white">Welcome to <color="orange">Cobra<color="black">Network <color="white">SCP:SL server. We are a fast growing community with a bunch of other servers such as Garry's Mod Half-Life 2 Roleplay, Garry's Mod Trouble in Terrorist Town, Minecraft. We are constantly expanding and bringing new gameservers.
<color=#C73636>1.<color="white"> Do not hack, hackers will be noted and their ID sent to Blue(SCP:SL Moderator) to be permanently banned from the game.
<color=#C73636>2.<color="white"> Even though frendly fire is on, team killing is phorbidden.
<color="white"> There is one exceptions:
<color="white"> • D-class —> D-class
<color="white"> • SCP-079 —> SCP
<color=#C73636>3.<color="white"> Do not ask to be spawned as any class.
<color=#C73636>4.<color="white"> Swearing is allowed unless is clearly intended to offend another person.
<color=#C73636>5.<color="white"> Teaming is not allowed. MTF are forbidden to give D-class guns, the same goes for Scientists and CI.
<color="white"> There are some exceptions:
<color="white"> • CI —> SCP
<color="white"> • MTF —> D-class (must be disarmed at all times)
<color="white"> • CI —> Scientists (must be disarmed at all times)
<color="white"> • SCP-079 —> Anyone
<color=#C73636>6.<color="white"> Terminating restrained D-class or Scientists is forbidden unless D-class is resisting or trying to escape.
<color=#C73636>7.<color="white"> Ghosting is not allowed.
<color=#C73636>8.<color="white"> Delaying the round is not punishable.
<color=#C73636>9.<color="white"> Glitching/exploiting that messes with gameplay will now be punished.
<color="white"> 1st offense - Warning
<color="white"> 2nd offense - 1 day ban
<color="white"> 3rd+ offense - Mass Teamkilling
<color="white"> *If you're slain for Teamkilling, you must stay until the end of the round, else it's considered RDM & Leave.
<color=#C73636>Teamkilling & Leave, Mass Teamkilling<color="white">:
<color="white"> 1st offense - 7 days ban
<color="white"> 2nd offense - 2 week ban
<color="white"> 3rd offense - 4 week ban
<color="white"> 4th+ offense - 2x longer ban than the previous one
<color="white"> 1st offense - 7 days ban
<color="white"> 2nd offense - 4 week ban
<color="white"> 3rd offense - 8 week ban
<color="white"> 1st offense - Warning
<color="white"> 2nd offense - 5 minute ban
<color="white"> 3rd offense - 1 day ban
<color="white"> 4th+ offense - 3 day ban
<color=#C73636>Harassment and false reporting<color="white">:
<color="white"> 1st offense - Warning
<color="white"> 2nd offense - Kick
<color="white"> 3rd offense - 1 day ban
<color="white"> 4th+ offense - 1 week ban
<color=#C73636>Hacking or Cheating<color="white">:
<color="white"> 1st offense - permanent ban
<color="white"> 1st offense - Warning and placed as a spectator
<color="white"> 2nd offense - Kick
<color="white"> 3rd offense - 2 hour ban
<color="white"> 4th+ offense - 1 day ban
<color="white">We also have a Discord server, where you can chat, talk and have fun with other players of the game! You can join our Discord by clicking this link, it will take you straight to the Discord server! <color="yellow">discord.gg/vWgpUkw
(Direct Link!)
<color="white">You can also report people to our Discord server too!
<color="white">If you need help in the server SCP:SL/Discord then contact one of the staff members.
<color="white">In case you have to contact the Owner, his Discord is: <color=#C73636>@Ostojλ#7073
<color="white">Or you can contact him via email at: <color=#C73636>[email protected]