The Revamp is a Community in which everyone is welcome, in this server we all have fun together as a group. we offer a fun and enjoyable experience in which we all play together as a community. this includes our minigame matches which are hosted by our moderators and admins where we carry out random activities to keep things fresh.


1. Try Your Best To Show Respect to Others:

2. Avoid Harmful or Explicit Discussions:

- Prevent the creation of NSFW conversations. as well as refraining from saying anything deemed harmful

-On top of this if an Admin or Mod asks you to stop your conversation due to it being considered too NSFW or Harmful then please listen

3. Do Not Threaten Other Members:

- Do not:

-Threaten Violence

-Threaten To Dox Someone

4. Refrain from Offensive Language:

5. Accept Staff Decisions:

- the staffs decisions are not to be argued with

6. No False Reports:

- Do not consistently make false reports. It is strictly prohibited and will result in warnings and eventual bans.

7. No Loud Noises or Soundboards in Global Chats:

8. Treat Others with Kindness:

- Enjoy the game and try not to offend others

9. No Kill On Sight (K.O.S):

- Facility guards/MTF are not allowed to kill any D-Class on sight unless the Class-D is visibly holding a weapon or refusing to comply

with reasonable orders. Breaking this rule will result in a warning.

- Class D does not need to comply with unreasonable orders. The K.O.S rule only applies to MTF and Guards killing Class D.

- The rule also applies to ANY role killing any role that has been detained and has the ability to escape, unless they attempt to run

away. Cuffing and uncuffing just to get past this rule is not allowed.

10. No Teaming:

- You are permitted to surrender and be detained by the enemy, as long as they ensure your escape to switch .

11. No Ghosting:

12. No Leaving, Suicide, or AFK Avoidance:

13. No team sabotage:

14. No Glitching: