The Dragon Inn Community

Location: London, United Kingdom
Gameplay Changes:</color>
<indent=2%>- SCPSwap (Including from SCP to human, and from human to SCP)</indent>
<indent=2%>- Anti Friendly-Fire system</indent>
<indent=2%>- Late join (Up to 30 seconds)</indent>
<indent=2%>- Auto nuke at 20 minutes</indent>
<indent=2%>- Stat tracking</indent>

[1] Teamkilling is not allowed on our server. This includes indirect teamkilling such as teaming or damaging other players.
<indent=3%>- D-class on D-class is allowed.</indent>
[2] Killing disarmed D-class/Scientists is not allowed.
<indent=3%>- Disarmed players can be killed if their original faction has spawned, or if they disobey orders.</indent>
[3] Micspam is not allowed in global (Spectator/SCP/Radio/Intercom) chat. It is fine to do it in proximity (Human) chat.
[4] Do not purposely prolong the round.
[5] Hateful conduct (Such as Racism or harassment) is not tolerated at any point on our servers (This includes usage of slurs).
[6] NSFW/NSFL content is not allowed under any circumstances.
[7] Bypassing punishments (For yourself or for others) or attempting to loophole the rules is strictly forbidden.
[8] Usage of cheats, 3rd party software, or abuse of bugs/exploits is strictly forbidden. Doing so will result in a permanent ban.
<indent=3%>- This includes ghosting and stream sniping.</indent>
[9] Do not reveal hidden badges or staff (Server or Global) to other players.

Note: The server staff reserve the right to punish for actions that are deemed to be against these rules, but not strictly stated in them.