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Server Rules Summary

Common sense still applies in general. If you think something isn't allowed, it probably isn't.

1 - Give Class-D chances to cooperate.

2 - Cross Teaming between Chaos, MTF and SCPs is not allowed.

3 - You can play (non earrape) music over your mic, but must stop when asked to by anyone.

4 - Don't intentionally stall the game.

Plugin(s) | 3

106 Rework: 106 can "Stalk" by double clicking create portal. He can also go into his own pocket dimension with the command .po
Additionally, created Portals will pull people into the pocket dimension, and dead bodies will be dropped out of the dimension.

RespawnTimer: See how long until you'll respawn with the .rt command

Better SCPs: SCPs can (request to) swap with/to other SCPs by using .scp swap SCPNAME (eg. .scp swap 049)