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Server Rules Summary

Common sense still applies in general. If you think something isn't allowed, it probably isn't.

1 - Give Class-D chances to cooperate.

2 - Cross Teaming between Chaos and SCPs is optional.

3 - You can play (non earrape) music over your mic, but must stop when asked to by anyone.

4 - Don't intentionally stall the game.

Gameplay Plugin(s) | 6

SCP-575: Has a 33% of spawning every round, causing blackouts in heavy containment every so often.

SCP-1162: You may drop your items in SCP-173's Containment Chamber for a chance to receive another item.

106 Rework: 106 can "Stalk" players by double clicking create portal, effectively teleporting over to them.

RespawnTimer: A timer keeping track of how long it will take for the next spawn wave to occur

Common Utilities: SCP-049 can talk with humans, and you do not need to pull out your keycards to use them on doors.