Joe's Hideout


1. Do not excessively Mic spam over intercom, spectator chat, SCP chat etc.
2. Do not stall rounds.
3. This server offers Free Speech-- slurs are allowed! Targetted slurs or harrassment, spamming slurs offensively, and generally questionable behavior is not.
4. Exploiting or hacking will result in a perm ban and report to Northwood.
5. Do not reveal owners/admins if their tag is hidden.
6. KOS is allowed, don't report people for it.
7. Have common sense. If you don't think you should do it, then don't do it.
Moderators may act at their own discretion. If there is reason to believe that you have broken a rule or are ruining the experience for other players, you may be punished accordingly.


- SCPswap
- Effect keeper (keep effects upon escape)
- Pink candy added to 330
- See how many spectators you have
- Serpents Hand
- RoundMVPs displayed at the end of every round
- FF automatically turns on at the end of round
- Remote keycard (dont have to hold out your keycard to open things)
- 914 Teleportation! Go on coarse to be randomly teleported
- Time until respawn can be viewed in Spectator
- Message when last player on team
- Custom zombies
- Occasional events

Suggest plugins in the Discord server for a chance of seeing them in-game!