1-Asking questions constantly for roles, items, requests, and events is prohibited.
2-It is prohibited to open soundpads/soundboards in the lobby, dead chat, intercom, radio, or SCP chat.
3-Trolling SCP-914 is not allowed.
4-Discrimination based on religion, language, race, or gender is prohibited.
5-Spawn camping is not allowed. Waiting for any team and then mass killing them after they arrive is considered spawn camping.
6-Spawn killing is not prohibited. If a team is seen, attacking is allowed. (Throwing bombs etc. at NTF and Chaos spawn areas is not allowed).
7-Suicide by 049-2 (Zombies) is prohibited.
8-Burping, making weird noises, and pressing the empty microphone are prohibited.
9-Using voice changer programs is not allowed.(only in human characters.)
10-Using cheats or exploiting bugs is strictly prohibited and should be reported to Global Moderators.
11-Politics are not allowed.
12-Shooting handcuffed Class-D personnel is prohibited.
14-Using another player's name is strictly prohibited.
15-Toxic behavior, insulting other players based on their voice or age, saying things like "easy win" or "you suck" at the end of the game is not allowed.
16-Shouting reflexively in the game to express your reactions is allowed, but should not be exaggerated.
17-Closing doors on your teammates' faces is not allowed, but closing doors on your teammates' faces while escaping from SCP is allowed. You can close doors on enemy team faces. This rule does not apply to airlocks. This rule is also applicable in elevators.
18-It is prohibited to mention the name or sing the song of any political party of any country.