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Server Plugins

Our server offers many plugins, some common across most servers and some which are exclusive to ours!

- Custom Weapons
- Custom Classes
- Sonicboom 096
- Stalky 106
- 939 Evolution

939 Evolution Info

939 Evolution is a plugin which gives SCP-939 different abilities, health boosts and effects for completing various tasks in the game. Due to the nature of the evolutions and various commands this plugin contains, I am unable to fit it in the Server Info character limit. Please join our Discord above in order to view them (A Website may be active soon as an alternative).

In Game Rules


D-Class: Can kill Anyone besides their own team (D-Class and Chaos)
Scientists: Can kill anyone besides their own team (MTF, Facility Guards and Scientists)
MTF: Can only shoot D-Class if they are holding a weapon or defying an order which is reasonable (doesn't result in their death)
Chaos: Can only shoot Scientists if they are holding a weapon or defying an order which is reasonable (doesn't result in their death)
SCP: Can kill anyone besides their own team (E.g. 079 Tesla Gates)

New Life Rule: The NLR is where everything you knew about players before you died and in spectator is forgotten upon respawn. For example, if you saw a D-Class holding a gun and you died, you now do not have the knowledge they have a gun and cannot KOS them.

Crossfire: If you accidentally kill a teammate and were aiming at an enemy, it is not bannable. Discuss with Staff if you believe your ban is unjust.


Team Killing is not allowed under any circumstance, unless it is crossfire.

Racism and Homophobia are forbidden

We will ban players who are toxic towards our playerbase, this can include:
- Closing doors on teammates which results in their death
- Mic Spam in SCP Chat, Radio, Intercom or Spectator
- Actively harassing other players
- Teaming with an enemy when it results in the death of a teammate
- Stalling the round on purpose
- Lowering the health of your teammates
- Exploiting/Playing the game how it isn't meant to be played