Welcome to. Yiff SCP AU, here are some rules.
❶: Don't Random kill ⦅RK⦆.
❷: Follow our TOS and CoE Listed in the Discord server: https://discord.gg/HKK4dXgWqW
❸: All members are to do as order by server staff. Staff cannot get away with abusing their power. Report any who do!
❹: Be nice and stay safe when talking to others asking about the info you do not wish to give out.
❺: Have fun when RPing, stay safe. Do not speak to others you do not wish to talk to.

If you are giving out info you don't want others to see and something is to go wrong please contact our staff team and contact Discord with proof. Remember stay safe with others online! If you have any issues contact the owner asap. Rules are yet to be added to Discord and the discord server still being fixed and having stuff made.