The Play Pen SCP Servers

Few plugins may not be working, this issue has already been known. Thank you if you have noticed.

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Kill On Sight(KOS) is NOT against the rules. Don’t report it or you will be banned for false reporting!!!

Server Rules:
1. Cheating/exploits aren't allowed.
2. Any type harassment or promoting any type of suicide is prohibited.
2a. Any behavior deemed insulting or derogatory will fall in this section.
3. Any racial and any anti-Semitic words, comments, usernames included are prohibited.
4. Mic Spamming is not allowed. If asked to stop, then please do so.
4a. Broadcasting overly-loud and/or distorted audio is not allowed.
4b. No NSFW audio allowed at all.
5. Teaming is perfectly fine as long as the round isn't being held up.
6. No surface camping allowed.
6a. SCPS/Scientists/D-Class are allowed to hide in the facility only if they aren't stalling.
7. Holding the round hostage is not permitted.
8. Sending a false report is not permitted.
8a. Only send reports when people are breaking server rules!

By joining this SCP servers you have agreed you've read and understood the rules. Any questions or reports needing to be cleared, can be done so at our discord. If you believe your ban was unjust, please click here to fill out an appeal. Someone will contact you shortly, through discord, if your appeal has been approved/denied.

If Someone is breaking any of these said rules, please open the player list (n) and report them by clicking Breaking Server Rules!. Be sure to include a reason. For reporting Moderation abuse, please join our discord and message D Man#2146 privately. A video should be provided!

Remote Keycard: No longer have to pull out your card out of your inventory.
Talking 049: 049 can now talk to humans.
SCP-008: Zombies have a chance to infect players.
Respawn Timer: Allows spectators to see when they will spawn.
Ultimate AFK: Places you into Spectator when no movement has been detected.
SCP Swap: Allows you to swap with your teammates if you rather play a SCP that they're playing.