Welcome to DabDub! Discord link at: discord.gg/jzvy3XnVGF

General Rules

- Don't be toxic (extremely harsh, malicious, or harmful behavior).
- Staff and Justin have the final say. Although they may make a request outside of these rules, these requests are more than likely valid.
- DON'T PROMOTE. The ONLY exceptions are streams, videos, and other media about DDSH servers and events.
- EXCESSIVE ABUSE OF SERVER/GAME/OTHER MECHANICS/BUGS/GLITCHES IS NOT ALLOWED. This includes faults of our own, such as a misconfigured config file. You're SUPPOSED to report it to Justin, so he can work on it.
- Please try to keep everything positive. We understand that bad days may occur, but please don't use Discord/SCP:SL as a request for counseling, please seek professional help.
- NO HACKING! Shouldn't have to be said but...
- Be welcoming, not mean, to new members. Even as a joke, they just joined and are not familiar with you. We are constantly attempting to draw in fresh members, and scaring off new members will not help our cause.

SCP:SL Rules

- Music is NOT allowed. Non-copyrighted sound effects, bites, etc. are allowed.
- DO NOT HOLD UP A ROUND. Staff may inform you that you are the last of your team and to "complete the mission".
- NO micspam over intercom or in spectator chat. A little sfx are fine, but don't over do it.
- NO begging for classes from anybody, staff or not. They will consider it but they are definitely not obligated and will absolutely not do it if you are being obnoxious about it.
- NO working against your team. This includes killing allies AND/OR NO KILLING DETAINED.

Current Plugins

- 914 changes class on VeryFine (Class Ds --> Scientists, MTF --> Chaos, etc.) SCPs can swap class numerically (049 --> 096 --> 106). You do not need to drop your items.
- 10% chance for Class Ds to spawn with janitor keycards.
- Chaos cannot win with SCPs alive and vice versa.
- NTF Captains, Sergeants, and Specialists spawn with 150, 120, and 120 base HP respectively.
- Chaos Repressors and Marauders spawn with 150 and 120 base HP respectively.
- 914 has a chance to teleport you on Rough.