Welcome to Elysium Networks!

Remember to check out our Discord and SCPRP located on GMOD if you like this server!

Friendly Fire is NOT activated

Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/6yVtHE8AJj

1. Cheating / Hacking in any form is forbidden
2. Do not round Delay (I.E sit in a dead-end in EZ for 20 minutes)
3. When Crossteaming comply with all rules stated for them (Located lower in the rule book)
4. Remember the rules concerning usage of soundboards & music
5. Guards and Scientists are NOT allowed to kill D-Class until the first spawn wave (the rule is void if D-Class are attacking or impeding)
6. Do not exploit the map or bugs to get outside the map or help get you to a place that is unfair or not intended to be played in.
7. If you AFK while in a match you are subject to being replaced by a spectator
8. Avoid infringing on admin-related affairs, if an admin is trying to root out rule-breakers stay out of it!
9. Please do not back seat moderate or take rule-breakers into your own hands
10. NEVER sabotage or attempt to betray your teammates ( Shutting doors on them, locking them in rooms they cant get out of and intentionally getting them killed.
11. No Racial, Homophobic, Trans, or any type of slur usage!

Crossteaming Guidelines
- Scientists may team up with D-Class, MTF, Guards, and SCP's (They may only team with SCP's for a mutually beneficial outcome; 939 not killing a scientist in return for freedom outside of a locked door)
- D-Class may team with Scientists, MTF, Chaos Insurgency, Guards, and SCP's ( They may only team with guards/mtf in the hopes of being detained and rescued and may only team with SCP's for a case such as scientists or to eliminate MTF)
- MTF may team with Scientists, D-Class and Guards ( May only team with D-Class if they Detain them)
- Chaos Insurgency May team with D-Class and SCP's
- SCP's may team with D-class, Scientists and Chaos Insurgency ( May only team with D-Class or Scientist for a mutually beneficial outcome)
- Guards may team with D-class, scientists and MTF ( May only team with D-Class if detaining them)

Mic Usage Guidelines
- Do not spam your mic over Radio's, SCP Chat or Spectator Chat. (Intercom / Prox Chat is permitted)
- Do not "Ear Rape" over your mic, this goes for ANY chat!
- Any videos or soundboards caught being played that have any slurs or imply and racial, transphobic or homophobic outlooks will result in a ban without question!

If you have any question's regarding the rules and or additions to the rules contact: Exland#5821 or Some Weeb#5752