The Memed Modem

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——How To Apply for those sweet succulent admin commands——

To apply, submit a form on our discord in the application channel, it will give you information about everything you need to know as a staff member.
All the Apps. are manually reviewed by our interview team every Wednesday.


1- Avoid teamkilling during normal rounds
1.1- KOS-(Kill-On-Sight) is not allowed during normal rounds
2- Don’t break character
2.1- Dont team with your opponents
2.2- Killing a cuffed Class-D/Contained Scp will result in a warning on your account
3- Please participate in all events
3.1- Don’t harass staff during events
4- Don’t mic spam on any global chat, or in confined spaces
4.1- Don’t be racist, homophobic, or offensive to anyone
4.2- Don’t harass other players